Review of Customer Service Speaker Barbara Khozam

Barbara Khozam, also known as ‘Ms. Happy Pants,’ is an award-winning and worldwide motivational author and Certified Speaking Professional specializing in leadership, communication, and customer service, seeking to help companies promote the highest level of excellence from within.

Ten years ago, Barbara began speaking professionally on the topic of customer service and has since built a team willing and able to help companies create cultures of service where employees become natural customer advocates. Barbara is known for being engaging, funny, and enthusiastic. To date, Barbara has delivered more than 1,7000 presentations and spoken to over 75,000 customer care representatives.

Barbara’s books Bad Manners: How to get more out of life and How Organizations Deliver BAD Customer Service (And Strategies that Turn it Around) are highly acclaimed and are must-reads for anyone desiring to create exceptional and dynamic customer relationships.

Barbara is a high-caliber, well respected, and captivating speaker who will challenge, equip, and capitalize on the strengths of teams, propelling teams to handle difficult circumstances.

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