Review of Generational Expert & Keynote Speaker Caitlin Crommett

When it comes to Caitlin Crommett, the words engaging and inspirational are an understatement. From her practical book How to Attract Millennials to Your Workplace: And Actually Keep Us! to her newly launched GenerationWhat? Academy, Crommett has been trailblazing the field of intergenerational business solutions.

Crommett began her career path as CEO and founder of DreamCatchers, a compassion-filled organization that “grants the final Dreams of hospice patients and terminally ill people given six months or less to live.” Run by youth and young adults, this was the first step in realizing Crommett’s passion to  finally bridge the gap between different generations in the work place. Her goal is to provide generational insight that promotes connected and thriving work environments.

As a recent graduate from the University of Notre Dame, Crommett has already utilized a multitude of avenues from keynote speaking to Youtube channels to ensure that her message is heard worldwide. Her unique and diverse  understanding of communication styles landed her the honor of being awarded one of the Top Outstanding Young Americans in 2017, an accolade also given to esteemed individuals such as Elvis Presley, Christopher Reeves, and John F. Kennedy. Known for her trademarked openness and high-energy style, Crommett is a vital catalyst in the movement to show that millennials may just be the dynamic and revolutionary generation no one thought they were.

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