Review of Public Speaker and CSP Chip Eichelberger

Chip Eichelberger is an invigorating motivational speaker who has been revolutionizing the field for over 20 years with his high-energy and engaging program, “Get Switched On!”

He got his start as a sales rep for Jantzen Sportswear, but was ultimately let go after numerous corporate buyouts. The change was for the best, however, as he quickly began working with world-renowned business leader Tony Robbins. It wasn’t long before Chip became Robbins’ international point-man, where he built up the Tony Robbins brand in Australia and the UK.

Five years later, Chip set off to begin his own brand. Since then, he has delivered over 1,000 presentations across the world, been ranked as a Top 5 Speaker by three years in a row, and has spoken for some of the largest corporations in the world – Hyatt, Wells Fargo, State Farm, and Exxon – to name a few.

His true strength, however, doesn’t lie in his impressive list of achievements. Rather, it’s his ability to take his audience on a transformative journey of “self-discovery [that] challenges their core thinking” and “inspires [them] to consistently bring their ‘A Game,’” that sets him apart in a crowded field.

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