Review of Transformational Growth Advisor & Speaker James D. Feldman

James Feldman is a witty yet no-nonsense author, speaker, coach, and marketing expert who challenges individuals and businesses to embrace innovation as the key to transformational growth. Feldman is best known for popular speaking topics such as his series on innovation and change management, “Shift Happens.”

James Feldman has been equipping his audiences with a variety of tools and concepts through books and keynote presentations for over 30 years, earning him the widespread title of “The Bright Idea Guy” as well as being named one of Incentive Magazine’s “100 Top Motivators of the last 100 Years.” His client base spans some of America’s most successful and recognizable companies such as Apple, Coca-Cola, NBC, Microsoft, and Walt Disney Pictures to name a few. These and 130+ other companies and clients have all sought after James Feldman’s advice and insight to train for and inspire their continued future successes.

In addition to the quantity of his speaking engagements, James Feldman earns high praise and plenty of endorsement. Executive Director Gerri Hopkins of The Association of Retail Marketing Services, Inc. even says that he “far surpassed any expectations a meeting planner could ask for in a professional speaker.” Feldman’s humorous delivery and consistent skill have made him a true veteran of speech.

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