Review of Author and Public Speaker Jane Jenkins Herlong

Jane Jenkins is one helluva public figure! She’s a Sirius XM Humorist, best-selling author, professional singer, recording artist, and award-winning professional speaker. Nearly any superlative you can imagine relates to Jane. She is funny, quick, smart, lively, personable, energetic – anything but dull. She takes her life experiences, boils them down into fascinating anecdotes and messages and sprinkles in a dash of her signature “Sweet Tea Wisdom” and “Souther-Fried Humor” to create exciting and vibrant performances every time she steps on the stage. 

Jane’s unique perspective and comedic styling stems from struggles in her early years. She was labeled Dyslexic and constantly told what she could and could not do and learned to use humor as her secret healing power. As a public speaker, she uses her special power to broach tough topics like handling the negative people and circumstances in our lives in order to unlock our more productive and positive selves.

Her program arms audiences with the tools to thrive, including: asserting yourself, accepting personal accountability, taking risks, and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. She has published four books (the most recent being a best-seller), been awarded both CSP and CPAE designations by the NSA, and presented for some of the biggest companies in the world like John Deere, New York Life, and Pink Ribbon.

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