Review of Coach and Speaker Marcey Rader

Marcey Rader is an award-winning and top-rated speaker that uses her experiences and struggles to educate, inspire, and guide her clients towards healthier lives. Her presentations are packed with advice, hacks, and wisdom to help you declutter your mind and life, one habit at a time.

After 13+ years of climbing the corporate ladder and learning the challenges that different roles in the field face, Marcey was diagnosed with multiple auto-immune diseases as a direct result of her self-imposed” high-stress, high-travel, and high-burnout lifestyle”. After taking time to develop new strategies and protocols to help manage her condition, she decided to leave the corporate world to turn her insights into business coaching for her clients.

She offers her clients “personalized support, accountability, and productive strategies” to help them find success without compromising their health or productivity along the way. Marcey now views her illnesses as her greatest gifts and empowers others with the ideology that it’s knowledge, support, and genuine behavior change, that help you stay healthy and not willpower.

Marcey’s services include business coaching and consulting, public speaking, and online training resources. One of her most interesting offerings is Focus90: a free, virtual study hall. According to Marcey, it’s scheduled quiet time with other like-minded people “who want to get caught up or ahead, so there isn’t work to do after the bell rings to go home.

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