Review of Motivational Speaker Mark Pollock

Mark Pollock is a catalyst of a motivational speaker who continually inspires and astonishes his audiences through his stories of perseverance, hope, and the belief in a limitless future. 

Competition, success, and risking failure are Mark’s normal, so he relentlessly pursued his goals even after becoming blind at twenty-two years old. On the tenth anniversary of his loss of sight, he became the first blind person to venture to the South Pole. Yet, fate was still not on his side. 

In 2010, Mark fell from a third-story window. He survived but was left paralyzed. Nevertheless, he remained undeterred from his desire to overcome and succeed. Now, Mark is pursuing a new goal, more ambitious even than the South Pole—to cure paralysis in his lifetime through the intersection of humanity and technology. 

Mark has since inspired millions of people to believe that achievement is only limited by imagination and desire. Mark has shared his story and inspiration worldwide through organizations and events like Ted2018, Davos, Web Summit, the World Economic Forum, EG, and Wired. Although he is blind and paralyzed, he makes his audience see a better future and move to make dreams reality.

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