Review of Powerhouse Keynote Speaker Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard’s decorated resume as a speaker, author, entrepreneur, blogger, mentor, and coach may engender assumptions of an elite upbringing. Yet it was the Australian blue-collar town of Craigieburn where humble heritage and deep adversity fostered Pollard’s talent for success. A late-diagnosed learning disability and profound introvertedness made his first job as a door-to-door salesman uniquely challenging, but through his commitment, work ethic, and talent for systematization, he learned the nuances of successful business through rapid promotions. 

The lessons that came from rural Australian doorsteps now profit listeners worldwide. Through his platforms as a writer and speaker, Pollard has been able to coach leaders from Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, aiding in their pursuit of success through the creation of effective systems. Pollard is the author of The Introvert’s Edge, creator of multiple podcasts, CEO of Rapid Growth LLC, and an NSA Certified Speaking Professional™. He is what Forbes calls “The Real Deal,” a man whose mission it is to give back to the business community.

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