Review of Keynote Speaker Dr. Max Stanley Chartrand

Dr. Max Stanley Chartrand is a soulful and passionate motivational speaker unlike any other. With six advanced academic degrees to his name, including two doctorates with a focus on communicative disorders and behavioral medicine, Dr. Chartrand has soared his way into being a prominent motivational speaker and respected figure throughout the medical and healthcare field.

Dr. Chartrand has also worked for over 45 years as an advocate for, and provide psychological and behavioral insight into the lives of the hearing impaired. After losing his hearing before the age of three, and dealing with tremendous challenges that deafness places on a person, his determination to overcome set him on a path to guide and support others. His path has since grown to include a strong passion for music, health, and guiding others towards self-discovery and optimal development.

As an award-winning keynote speaker who has written numerous textbooks and hundreds of articles, and served as a board member for the Better Hearing Institute, the American Tinnitus Association, and Audiology online, Dr. Chartrand delivers empowering and impactful seminars reaching the hearts of countless audiences, professional and consumer.

Dr. Max Stanley Chartrand is truly an incredible motivator with the mission of not only supporting others on their road to success, but helping individuals soar towards greatness.

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