Review of Author and Public Speaker Mike Evans

Mike Evans is a no-nonsense, award-winning Author and Public Speaker. He has over two decades of experience working alongside world-renowned thought leaders, such as Dr. John Kotter and Steve farber, in virtually every sector from tech and finance to healthcare and hospitality, and is a leading authority on Unleashing Personal and Organizational Accountability.

His speaking style is upbeat, engaging, thought-provoking, and extremely authoritative. When watching him at work you have no doubt that his word is not only factual, but also the golden secret to success. He embodies confidence and strength while exuding compassion and understanding – a very fine line to walk while trying to shepard a team toward a common goal. It’s no surprise that 31 of the Fortune 50 are his clients.

Everyone from Apple and Google to Shell Oil and the US Navy trust Mike to “accelerate their ability to achieve more than they ever believed possible” through his series of keynotes focusing on accountability, accelerating change, igniting leadership capacities, and cultivating peak performance.

Mike takes personalization to the next level by working hand-in-hand with each client’s senior team to facilitate workshops and presentations completely tailored to the culture of each organization. He does so in order to maximize relevancy and ensure that his audience leaves completely equipped with the proven and pragmatic tools they need to yield immediate results.

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