Review of Author and Public Speaker Randye Kaye

Randye Kaye is an author, event MC, keynote speaker, diversity trainer with the Anti-Defamation League, and teacher/trainer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The latter being Randye’s most serious work.

Here you’ll find her directly addressing doctors, nurses, medical students, and legislators about the family experience when mental illness hits, focusing on advocacy, empathy, and inspiration.

With a background in acting, voiceover work, theatre, and radio, Randye knows how to think on her feet and work a room. She is no stranger improvisation and uses this to her advantage, creating customized highly-interactive workshops largely centered around mental health, communication, and happiness.

Whether she’s acting as MC, live auctioneer, or keynote speaker, Randye is able to effortlessly guide an audience from start to finish, ensuring functions runs smoothly and efficiently. Her client’s rave about her ability to bring “elegance and panache” to any event as well as her “sincerity and wonderful nature [that make] her a pleasure to work with”. It should come as no surprise that she has a history of being re-booked by her client’s multiple years in a row – she’s just that beloved.

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