Review of Public Speaker Roy Gluckman

Roy Gluckman is a keynote speaker, CEO, and attorney for the High Court of South Africa.. His company, Cohesion Collective, was started in 2012 as a way to address, and provide solutions for, problems with social cohesion and inclusivity within the workplace. They specialize in “providing strategic direction, guidance and implementation of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and embedding practices.”

As a public speaker, Roy has presented his thoughts and research for South African and International companies alike, gaining notoriety for the way in which he captures an audience and comfortably guides them through tough conversations on the topics of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in a direct yet non-confrontational manner.

His main goal, however, is to create and promote social cohesion. Whether it be in the context of his country, affiliated organizations teams, or his personal friend group, Roy hopes to inspire people to better understand themselves and those around them by engaging with their differences and having open dialogues..

Roy’s message of hope, tolerance, and inclusion is one for all ages and backgrounds. Check out this link for more info on Roy!

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