Review of Author and Public Speaker Stu Schlackman

Stu Schlackman is an educational speaker, author, and business coach. He is best known for his book and assessment, Four People You Should Know, which teaches readers to understand the four personality styles and how to sell, cater to, and play to the strengths of each. His training and consulting work builds upon these strategies to help his clients achieve Superior Sales Results.

Before opening his own sales training firm, Stu spent 30 years in the corporate sales field, where he was essential in increasing the productivity and client base growth of massive corporations like Capgemini, EDS, and the former Digital Equipment Corporation, exceeding sales projections by more than 30% annually.

Despite being a teacher in the business division of Dallas Christian college and an adjunct professor for the University of Texas, Stu still finds time to present all over the world. Some of his clients include: AT&T, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, BancTec, and BB&T.

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